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What is Permanent Makeup?
Think of permanent makeup as a modern application of the age-old art of tattooing.Permanent makeup provides a safe, natural looking alternative or enhancement to a daily makeup routine.  To administer, pigments are permanently inserted into the dermis of the skin resulting in a lasting, waterproof color that remains fresh and beautiful no mater what your activity.
To create that most natural, beautiful and long lasting results, Kathy Czerhoniak relies on the highest grade products and equipment. Areas of treatment include eyeliner, eyebrows, lip, and lip liner.
Age-related loss of pigment in the lips or hair loss in the brow area are two major reasons that clients come to Kathy Czerhoniak. For these clients, permanent makeup is able to take away years from their face by rejuvenating and highlighting their features.
“in my experience, I find that most women want to look their best regardless of age; however, over time the skin begins to lose the natural pigmentation and definition that was enjoyed in youth,”  Kathy explains, adding, “Permanent Panache, I have developed many permanent cosmetic options for enhancing one’s appearance such as replacing lost color in lips, defining lash lines and restoring the appearance of natural hair in the brows”.
Other times, clients would like to cut down the time it takes them to get ready in the morning. Permanent makeup is an excellent solution for time-strapped women or even for women who would prefer to not be caught “without their face on”  during early morning gym trips or errand runs.
Menu Of Services 
All Procedures are required for you to come back for a Touch Up with in 30 days
Consultation   $50 (Includes Patch Test and a 30 minute consultation )
Upper or Lower Eyeliner        $400
Upper and Lower Eyeliner      $500
Eyeshadow                        $475
Eyebrows                           $500
Full Lip  (includes lip liner)    $675
Lip Liner                             $500
Beauty Mark                       $75
30 to 45 Day Touch Up      $100
Yearly refreshers               $200
Areola  (1) $400
Areola (2) $750
Scare camouflage $150 per hr
Touch ups on Permanent Makeup done by another professional : Price based on consultation.
Most asked questions:
Will my color fade?
The colors used in micro pigmentation are cosmetic colorants, and , like all colors, they fade over time. Think about it….what happens if you leave a colored rug out in the sun for a week or two? Yes, all color fades. For a realistic expectation, clients need to think of permanent makeup as a “low maintenance”, no a “NO maintenance” procedure. Clients should plan to return every few years for a color boost or enhancement to restore their designs to the desired color and hue temperature.
Does it Hurt?
Over the counter and prescription anesthetic agents are used before and during the procedures for comfort. Most clients report minimal discomfort.
Is permanent makeup more or less effective with certain skin types and ethnicities?
The age, health and undertone of a clients skin are all very important factors to take into consideration before proceeding with a permanent cosmetic procedure, color boost or enhancement to restore their designs tot he desired color and hue temperature.
How do I choose the right artist?
It is important to make sure to go onto the American Academy of Micro pigmentation website to find out if your artist is board certified. Ask to see photos of previous procedures.