Full Set with Tips 66.00
Full Set with Extensions 66.00
Overlay (on natural nails) 61.00
Fill In (2 weeks) 41.00
Corrective Maintenance on Regular Acrylics 51.00 & up
Repairs (per nails)10.00
Pink and White Acrylic & Color Acrylic
Full Set 71.00
Full Set with Extensions71.00
Overlays (on natural nails) 61.00
Fill in (4 week period)52.00
Corrective Maintenance59.00 & up
Repairs (per nail) 10.00
Different Color on Tips6.00 additional
Brillare Full Set up to 2 colors ($10.00 for each additional color) 81.00
Billare Fill up to 2 colors ($10.00 for each additional color)58.00
Color Acrylics Fill (full nail specialty colors) 58.00
Pink and White & Color Acrylic on Toes
Full Set 80.00
Full Set with Traditional Pedicure 115.00
Fill In 52.00
Fill In with Traditional Pedicure 88.00
Repairs (per nail) 8.00